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 A knowledge of the fire tetrahedron and the most common causes of fire will assist you in identifying potential fire situations. For a fire to occur it needs a source of ignition, and a potential source of fuel and oxygen. If the ignition sources and fuel can be kept apart, removed or reduced, then the risks to people and your business is minimised. In order to do this you must first identify possible sources of ignition, fuel and oxygen in your workplace.

 All workplaces will contain heat/ignition sources, some will be obvious such as cooking equipment or open flames. Others maybe less obvious such as heat from chemical processes or electrical equipment.

 Possible sources of ignition are:-

 Defective electrical fittings and defective or misuse of electrical apparatus – light bulbs and fluorescent tubes next o combustible materials, misuse or defective electrical extension leads and adapters, faulty or damaged wiring.

 Matches and Smoking materials.

 Flame or sparks from a work process such as welding, cutting, grinding or the use of a hot air gun.

 Boilers, engines and other oil burning equipment.

 Portable heaters.

 The threat of arson must not be overlooked and the malicious firing of combustible materials.

 Potential sources of fuel and unsafe situations:-

 Any combustibles – fuels such as paper, wood, cardboard, etc.; and highly combustible fuels such as thinners, solvents, polyurethane foam, etc.

 Any unsafe procedures or acts – Persons undertaking unsafe acts such as smoking next to combustible materials.

 Any unsafe conditions – These are hazards that may assist a fire to spread in your workplace, e.g. if there are large areas of hardboard or polystyrene tiles etc., or open stairs that can cause a fire to spread quickly, trapping people and involving the whole building.

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Under  the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, every organisation is required to delegate someone in the role of ‘competent person’ for health and safety issues in the workplace.

Safety Counts offers a comprehensive Safety Service that provides access to a Chartered health and safety consultant.

 As part of the service you will receive:

Email advice and support – Unlimited support via email from our Chartered health and safety consultant.

Telephone advice -  Access to our phone advice line so that you can speak to your named consultant immediately.

Annual review of safety policy – If we have provided you with a health and safety policy, then we can review it annually and suggest any amendments or updates that are required.

Assistance with reporting accidents – We will provide assistance in preparing and filing the appropriate reports to enforcement agencies.

10% off all Training services – You can purchase any of our training services with a code that will entitle you to 10% off

Use of Safety Counts Direct – You will be provided with your consultant’s CV and the use of the Safety Counts name to prove that you have a competent person overseeing health and safety in the workplace

Monthly newsletter – We will send you a quarterly newsletter that will include important legislation updates and health and safety related news to ensure that you are compliant

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